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Our professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from teachers to commercial and corporate clients.

Curriculum Development

Experience the fusion of imagination and expertise with a tutor and teacher with experience in corporate finance, financial technology projects reporting, and business case development.

Video Scripting

Experience flawless scripting by a reading, writing and literature teacher and tutor and communication leader.

How do you make your classes different?

How can you classes connect with the audience?

Educational Content

Experience how and 12+ year tutor of mathematics, literature, writing and grammar from 2nd grade to high school is able to simplify the teaching process.

How will your students learn? What tools will you use? What are the core topics they need to know?

Customize Video Scripts Your Unique Style

What is your main message? What type of communication style and English listening levels do you want to use?

Customize Chat GPT Output

Chat GPT script and landing page text sound robotic. Make yours sound like a person.

Educational Landing Pages

What does your student need to know? What level of education do they have? Are the able to read your text?

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Pamela Benjamin

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I write about building online classes!